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We would like to invite you to work on Europe together with us. We need your support to make our undertaking possible and allow us to remain independent of any political entity. With a contribution of €100 per year you will become a friend of our organisation. After completing a bank transfer to the account below you will receive a receipt for your donation. We will also send you an annual report on our work. 

Please direct any questions to Max Stange:

Bank account for donations

Arbeit an Europa e.V.
Skatbank Altenburg
IBAN: DE40 8306 5408 0004 0551 87

Our supporters

We thank the following supporters of our organisation for their generosity:

Dietlind Antretter, Dr. Jacob Burda, Tanja Kuppel, Boban Lapcevic, Katharina Löhnhardt, Angelika und Thomas Mahr, Kristof Magnusson, Tobias Nöfer, Prudentes Management GmbH Norbert Irsfeld, Peter Raue, Gerd Heinz und Doris Reckewell, Manuela Reichart, Stephan Sattler, Prof. Dr. Utz Schliesky, Prof. Dr. Michael Stahl, Ruth Walz, Peter Weinsheimer (picaroMEDIA), Ebrulf Zuber und Miriam Juárez de Zuber, Isolde und Dr. Bernd Loock