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The idea of community seems to be losing its persuasive appeal. This is evident in the sustained tendency to doubt in the European Union, a tendency which has almost become a permanent reality. The European spirit suffers under this tendency, and this is bound to have consequences. The more we experience Europe solely as an administrative and economic institution, the farther removed we become from its cultural essence. We believe that today it is more important than ever to ask: what does Europe mean? What significance can it have? What ideas lie behind it, what stories are told about it, what sense of purpose can it help to inspire?

Thus a group of dedicated peers has come together to ‘work on Europe’. Several times a year we meet for a weekend in a European location far from the major cities in order to invest old concepts with new meaning, meet other young Europeans and get to know different regions of Europe. It’s not about political pedagogy; there’s no programmatic goal. The encounter itself, the focused conversation, the need for a deeper understanding, and the longing to call Europe our homeland—that’s what brings us together.

Members and organisers

Working on Europe is an organisation that encompasses various projects, all existing under the same roof.

Nora Bossong

Robert Eberhardt

Kevin Hanschke

Barbara von Gayling-Westphal

Jan Starmans

Simon Strauß

Sarah Bühler

Lisa Schulze

Hannah Wellpott

Tom Müller

Max Stange

Fotos: Karl van Worm

Our advisory board

The advisory board supports and advises Working on Europe and helps the organisation in realising our various projects. 

Prof. Dr. Aleida Assmann

Prof. Dr. Heinz Bude

Prof. Dr. Peter Raue

Dr. h.c. André Schmitz-Schwarzkopf

Michael Krüger

Juliane von Herz

Our supporters

We thank the many generous supporters who have helped us to make the European Archive of Voices a reality.