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European Archive of Voices

A team of 50 young international interviewers will talk to their older compatriots in their mother tongue about the past and the future of the continent, about their experiences, fears and hopes.

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The Interviews

The Idea

While the European idea is under attack, fewer and fewer eyewitnesses are there to tell the story of Europe in the 20th century. To preserve those stories, the “European Archive of Voices” collects the memories of individuals from all over Europe who were born in the first half of the 20th century – a wide array of activists, artists, lawyers, politicians, scientists, writers and many more. In their diversity, the biographies brought together aim to illustrate the rich, complex and polarised histories of Europe and that of the generation who rebuilt Europe after 1945.

The project conceives Europe as not only the member states of the European Union but also countries that belong to Europe geographically and historically. The interviews conducted span the whole continent – from Iceland to Italy and from Portugal to Ukraine.

Our team of young interviewers from across Europe has conducted 50 interviews to date, which we will be sharing over the coming months until the end of 2020, when the archive will be complete. 

For questions and queries about the project, please get in touch: arbeitaneuropa@gmail.com

The Team

Simon Strauß

Project Director

Simon Strauß studierte Geschichte in Basel, Poitiers, Cambridge und Berlin und promovierte mit einer Arbeit in der Wissenschaftsgeschichte. Er arbeitet als Journalist bei der F.A.Z. und ist Autor.

Simon Strauß studied Ancient History in Basel, Poitiers, Cambridge and Berlin. He holds a PhD in classics and works as a journalist and author in Frankfurt.


Jan Starmans

Project Finances

Jan Starmans studierte Volkswirtschaftslehre und Mathematik in Tübingen und Berlin. Er erwarb einen PhD in Finance in London und ist Assistant Professor of Finance an der Stockholm School of Economics.

Jan Starmans studied economics and mathematics in Tübingen and Berlin. He holds a PhD in finance and is an Assistant Professor of Finance at the Stockholm School of Economics.


Max Stange

Coordination and Communication

Max Stange studierte Philosophie, Gräzistik und Kulturwissenschaften in Leipzig, Basel und Heidelberg.

Max Stange studied philosophy, Greek philology and cultural studies in Leipzig, Basel and Heidelberg.


Lisa Schulze

Lead Editor

Lisa Schulze studierte Wirtschaft in Tübingen und erhielt einen MPA von der London School of Economics and Political Science. Sie arbeitet als Ökonomin und Policy-Analystin.

Lisa Schulze studied economics in Tübingen and holds an MPA from the London School of Economics and Political Science. She works as an economist and policy analyst.


Hannah Wellpott


Hannah Wellpott studierte Kunstgeschichte in Leipzig und Kopenhagen. Derzeit macht sie ihren Master in Urbanistik an der Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.

Hannah Wellpott studied art history in Leipzig and Copenhagen. Currently she is doing a Master in Urbanism at the Bauhaus-University Weimar.


Lukas Schmelter


Lukas Paul Schmelter studierte Geschichte, Politikwissenschaften und Philosophie in London, Cambridge und Peking. Er lebt und arbeitet in Berlin.

Lukas Paul Schmelter studied history, politics and philosophy in London, Cambridge and Beijing. He lives and works in Berlin.


Robert Eberhardt

Public Relations

Robert Eberhardt studierte Kunstgeschichte in Heidelberg und Paris. Er ist Verleger (Wolff Verlag) und Buch- und Kunsthändler (Felix Jud in Hamburg).

Robert Eberhardt studied art history in Heidelberg and Paris. He is publisher (Wolff Verlag), book dealer and gallerist (Felix Jud in Hamburg).


Kevin Hanschke

Public Relations

Kevin Hanschke studierte European Affairs und Kulturpolitik in Berlin, Warschau und Paris. Derzeit arbeitet er als Journalist.

Kevin Hanschke studied european affairs and cultural politics in Berlin, Warsaw and Paris. He works as a journalist.


Barbara von Gayling-Westphal

Legal Advisor

Nora Bossong


Nora Bossong studierte Philosophie, Literatur und Kulturwissenschaften in Berlin, Leipzig und Rom. Sie ist Autorin und veröffentlichte verschiedene Romane, Reportagen und Gedichtbände.

Nora Bossong studied philosophy, literature and cultural studies in Berlin, Leipzig and Rome. She published several novels, reportages and books of poetry.


Tom Müller


Sarah Bühler


Sarah Bühler studierte Geschichte und Altertumswissenschaften in Basel und Straßburg. Sie finalisiert derzeit ihre Dissertation an der Universität Tübingen über die italienische Gesellschaftsgeschichte in den letzten Jahrzehnten des Römischen Reichs. Sie lebt in Basel.

Sarah Bühler studied history and classics in Basel and Strasbourg. She is currently finishing her PhD at the University of Tübingen on the social history of Italy during the last decades of the Roman Empire. She lives in Basel.


Our Partners

We are grateful to a number of generous partners, who helped to make the “European Archive of Voices” possible.